If two cars travel the same distance, one fast & aggressive, and the other at normal speeds, currently there is NO way to detect the extra wear and tear on the engine of the first car.

The Kenometer is a gauge that will soon be on every vehicle. Similar to the odometer which displays the distance traveled on a vehicle, the Kenometer displays the use and abuse the engine has endured.  Mileage ONLY tells you how far a car has traveled and not much about the engine or how it was used.

The Kenometer however, allows anyone to quickly determine the wear and tear of an engine by taking the total engine revolutions and dividing it by the mileage of the vehicle and displaying the result as a number: ARM (Average Revolutions per Mile).


  • Car #1  10,000 Miles  with
  • 21,500,000 Revolutions
  • Average Revolutions per Mile = 2150
  • Car #2  10,000 Miles
  • 42,250,000 Revolutions
  • Average Revolutions per Mile = 4225


Please watch this short video for a better example of how the Kenometer can help.

Excessive Engine Revolutions is not good.  Excessive Engine Revolutions and prolonged use at high speeds may cause increased engine wear, increased engine temperatures, and decrease engine life due to inadequate lubrication, overheating (exceeding capability of the cooling system), exceeding speed capability of sub-parts of the engine (for example spring retracted valves) thus causing excessive wear or permanent damage or failure of engines.


US Utility Patent Granted.

US Business Method Patent Pending.

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