Insurance Companies already collect the odometer reading from a car, as it is assumed, the further distance you travel, the more likely it is you will get into an accident.

Unfortunately there are a lot of hard working people that are very cautious drivers, but are unfairly being charged extra simply because of the distance alone.

The Kenometer can help!

The insurance companies can now record the Kenometer # at regular intervals or time periods to determine how aggressive a driver is.  The “Trip” function can be used so only current statistics are collected, since the last time the “Trip” was reset.  The lower your Average Revolutions per Mile, the lower your rate would be as obviously lower engine revolutions represent slower driving and more importantly… slower acceleration.

By recording this information, insurance companies can use a driver’s historical Engine Revolution Patterns to put together a driving profile which can follow a driver from vehicle to vehicle.

If an insurance company wanted to go into more detail, the historical data collected by an onboard device can show all engine revolution history at any point during any specified time period, including Accelerator position, Engine Load, and Speed.  And if legal, GPS information can also be obtained to validate such driver behaviors are traveling up or down steep grades.

Only with these metrics collected and compared can one make a determination as to how aggressive a driver is, and not mistake extra engine revolutions from towing or going uphill, as aggressive driving.